Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing uses environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors alongside deep fundamental research as a method of identifying companies that do well by doing good. 

Our process analyzes characteristics like environmental policies, corporate governance, worker satisfaction and retention rates, reputation, brand, and community involvement as indictors of financial sustainability.

Sustainable investing has grown more popular in recent years as awareness of the method has spread, rating models and algorithms have improved, and funds as well as indexes with high ESG ratings have performed favorably.

Sustainable Investing with HM Payson

HM Payson’s core investment philosophy favors well-stewarded, stakeholder-oriented companies, as we believe these attributes are critical to long-term growth. Environmental, social and governance factors add to this existing approach, giving us new criteria and paradigms to evaluate and consider when crafting or revising your investment policy.

To implement our sustainable investing strategy, we add industry-leading third-party research and screening filters to our core investment process, ultimately distilling your investment universe into a subset of top ESG-rated stocks and funds that meet our highest financial quality standards. HM Payson currently manages portfolios for individuals, families, and institutions alike using this strategy.