Community Support

HM Payson has existed in Maine for more than 165 years, and during that time we have seen ups, downs, fires, floods, recessions, good times, and plenty of challenges. Through it all, the idea of helping our community persevere and prosper has solidified into one of our firm’s core values. On a personal level, our employees are involved in dozens of local nonprofit and charitable organizations, giving their time to clear hiking trails, help kids with hunger issues, and care for neighbors in times of need or unexpected loss. As a firm, we support lifesaving programs in our hospitals and research labs, as well as programs that make life richer — things like outdoor recreation, education, and the arts. We know a stronger community makes life better for everyone — and investments in the world around us are some of the best ones we can make.

The Payson team recently delivered 257 Pepper’s Landing lunches to the healthcare heroes of Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick, Bath, and Topsham!