An Independent Advisor

Founded in 1854, HM Payson is a Maine-based integrated financial advisor, overseeing over $6 billion in client assets. We offer disciplined and independent investment management, financial planning, and trustee services to individuals, families, and institutions — and have for generations.

Operating as a Team

H.M. Payson is a SEC-registered Investment Advisor and Maine Chartered Trust Company. We operate as a team, with our entire firm working for our clients on a fiduciary basis. By combining the breadth of knowledge and experience of all our employees, we’re able to wring out personal biases and create an investment policy that best suits each client’s unique situation. Ours is a fee-based practice; no employee is compensated for bringing in new business. In fact, the only incentive at HM Payson is to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth.

United by Core Values

Our commitment to these principles has attracted a dedicated and deep bench of talent and has given us the honor of stewarding a rare 165-year franchise.

Intellectual Confidence: The HM Payson investment process is designed to protect your assets in any market. We understand the risks and opportunities, and we confidently act on independent research, not emotions or trends.

Entrepreneurial Thinking: Our founders were true entrepreneurs, and we believe the best way to honor what they built is to keep learning, keep evolving, and keep improving upon our offerings.

Client Focus: Our clients’ interests come first, and they always have. Our business and fee structures reflect that commitment, as does the level of personal service every HM Payson client receives.

Stewardship: We’re stewards of more than money. We are here to secure the wellbeing of our clients, as well as their children and grandchildren. When managing portfolios, we take the long view, and we do the same when investing in our community.

Selfless Work Ethic: We work as an integrated team, assisting each other and gladly making time to get important work done.

This is trust.