Investment Management

A disciplined approach to long-term growth.

Money can be emotional, but investment decisions shouldn’t be.

Money determines what we can have, how we can live, and what we’ll leave behind. All emotional issues.

And of all the emotions money can incite, fear is the most insidious. Whether it takes the form of loss aversion from watching daily market fluctuations, or the fear of missing out on a new trend or hot IPO, fear is the enemy of long-term stability and growth.

So, what’s the antidote to fear? Trust. Trust in a focused plan carefully laid with your team of financial experts, trust in the sound financial modeling and research that got us there, and trust that, as an HM Payson client, you will be well-equipped to navigate market fluctuations – just has our clients have for over 165 years.

Our Management Process

The first thing we do with every client is develop a tailored investment policy. This involves working together to understand what’s important to you now and in the future – factors such as liquidity requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax circumstances, and estate plans.

All of this will inform your investment strategy, including asset allocation, portfolio management approach, and other related decisions. Through it all, we’ll help you develop and maintain a long-term focus that puts short-term turbulence into its proper context.

A disciplined approach for long-term-growth